Concrete Foundation Repair


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    Concrete Foundation Repair In Birmingham

    The foundation of your home is the most important part, because it affects everything else in terms of structure and stability. You should take its construction seriously by building a strong concrete or brick base for support while also considering how you'll keep water away from that area as well.

    Building the foundation for a home is one of the most important parts when it comes to construction. The final curing period deserves special attention because no matter how much time and work you invest in planning, that's all wasted if your foundation isn't up to par! With their experience building foundations across Birmingham, Concrete Contractors Of Birmingham ALhas helped many families build on solid ground from day one.

    When it comes to foundations, we understand that a problem is the worst thing that can happen. That's why our company does all they can when providing you with your perfect foundation for any type of home!

    T-Shaped Foundations

    While the T-shaped foundation is most common for areas where ground freezes, it’s essential that you make sure your footing remains below frost line. This can be done by taking care to lay a solid base with our experts before adding on walls atop them!

    A T-shaped foundation is constructed with the wider base, once completed it will have a sturdy footing. It can be much lighter and thinner than one that has been made from another shape of foundation; this makes for faster construction time as well.

    We can then pour the concrete slab in between high walls that are constructed with rebar, pipes and wire mesh. For additional information on T-shaped or angled (parallel) foundations for your home's foundation, please contact us.

    The foundation will be made on a slab-on-grade basis. This type of foundation is built from concrete in Chicago that can withstand the coldest winters so it's best for areas where ground freezes in wintertime.

    This strong, durable slab is typically several inches thick with reinforcing rods at the edges.

    The foundation for a new home is unlike anything we've seen before. The ground needs to be prepared and the slab sits on top of crushed gravel, just like any other type. To reduce chances of cracking, there's also casting wire mesh in the concrete slabs which will make it stronger than most foundations because it’s able to withstand more pressure without breaking down over time or adding weight with age.


    Frost-protected foundations are an excellent way to make certain your home or business stays standing through any type of climate change while also protecting against expensive repairs caused by frost damage.

    When building a home, it is important to know that the foundation insulation can affect how well you’re heating and cooling system works. The two firm polystyrene sheets (one for before pouring, one after) will help make sure you are not faced with additional costs from excessive energy bills or drafts in your new house.

    The slab-on-grade foundation type is a construction technique that minimizes the risk of ground icing. Constructed with an impermeable barrier, it does not allow water to seep through and freezes on top while providing protection for any structure or vegetation beneath.

    Foundation Durability

    We pay great attention to every phase of the project because we have state-of-the-art equipment for every stage.

    From the moment that you need a foundation, it is important to make sure that your needs are met with experienced and skilled workers who will be able to give you an excellent product.

    We also work on Driveway Installation & Repair. 

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